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Some of the most innovative and interesting art to be seen anywhere is the art of Ana Cecilia Hernández Baños.

Although she paints with both oil and acrylics, Baños is best known for the art that is called "Aerosolgrafia Mexicana." It is created with a combination of aerosol and acrylic paints, spatulas, brushes, and finger painting. With these items she creates her futuristic paintings with themes of worlds never before seen and places we all hope exist somewhere other than just in our minds.

Whether she paints in oils or acrylics, her work is equal to any in the world today.

She works in her studio in Puerto Vallarta, with the arches of Los Arcos Plaza and the darkening sky of the Bay of Banderas as background for her as she quietly creates her visions for us to wonder at. She quickly sprays paint and draws with a spatula. She creates moons, planets, pyramids, and other astral shapes. Great whales and dolphins grace her seascapes. With her fingers she paints oceans and waves in colors that amaze the eye. Buyers of Baños' art all say that the biggest problem they have is trying to decide which piece they like the most.

Ana Cecilia Hernandez Born in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora 10 December 1960, she moved to Mexico City when she was 2 years old. An artist for the last 11 years, Baños has been painting her Aerosolgrafia Mexicana art in Puerto Vallarta for nearly nine years. Although self-taught, she belonged to the Asociacion Mexican de Pintores Aerosolgrafistas in Mexico City, founded by Ruben Sadot the first well-known aerosolgrafia artist.

Ana Cecilia Hernández Baños can be found creating her innovative and imaginative paintings in her studio in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and through this website she offers an opportunity to purchase original and reproductive collections of her works.

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Four Angels
"Four Angels"

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